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Adult education: things we can learn from Blake


Adult education: things we can learn from Blake

Colin Waugh address delivered at the Conference on the 7th May 2021

‘Fostering community, democracy, and dialogue through adult lifelong education’: Celebrating resources of hope. 


This presentation and associated paper will focus on two documents produced by William Blake: the title page of his prophetic book Milton, probably started in 1803 (this includes the verses that begin 'And did those feet in ancient time . . .'), and the section of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1790) (MHH) that begins 'The ancient poets . . .'.

The later document centres on two concepts - : 'prophecy' and 'mental fight' - that I argue are crucial to rebuilding collective working-class adult education now. The earlier document allows us to see how Blake arrived at these concepts.


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March Plebs News

 Plebs News March

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Plebs News Feb 21


Plebs News is a monthly newsletter for Sheffield Central CLP but contains articles of interest for the whole Labour movement.

February 2021

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Amazon Union Bid

Spectre Presents: Class Struggle And Racial Justice After The Union Drive At Amazon In AlabamaSun, May 23rd, 2021, at 2 PM PDT

Speakers:Donna Murch and Michael Goldfield
David McNally will moderate

The focus of this panel, hosted by Spectre Journal and moderated by David McNally, will be on labor and Black radicalism in the South in the 20th and 21st centuries, and the strategic importance of anti-racist union organizing. It will build off of two books, Living for the City: Migration, Education and the Rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California by Donna Murch (which stresses the Southern Black radical roots of the BPP) and The Southern Key by Michael Goldfield, which emphasizes the deep roots of interracial radicalism in the South and the region's strategic importance for left and working class politics. With these perspectives in mind, the panel will examine the recent union drive at Amazon in Alabama.

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The Empire Strikes Back: 21st Century Imperialism & What it Means For You


Sheffield Festival of Debate 2021 ( Online event)


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Has imperialism disappeared or merely cloaked itself in a new identity to suit the neoliberal era?

Black Lives Matter, Brexit and the Union Jack have thrown up associations of colonialism and imperialism as historical concepts driven by nationalistic sentiments and conquest.

 But has imperialism disappeared or merely cloaked itself in a new identity to suit the neoliberal era? Has military conquest been replaced with economic conquest under the guise of trade and the dominance of international capital?

 Authors like Naomi Klein have pulled back the curtain on this new economic dominance and its effects. This event will hear from speakers supporting the view that the neoliberal era marks not the passing of imperialism into history, but the intensification and indeed culmination of capitalism’s centuries-old imperialist trajectory.

 Join us to discuss with authors and campaigners on globalisation and its ills.

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There are no physical events taking place during the current Covid-19 restrictions but will continue to post content of interest and events taking place via Zoom.

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